Buy Timber Floating Floor at Bendigo Floor and Home

The three main product categories that timbers are found under are;

  1. Laminated Timber, Engineered Timber and Bamboo Timber Flooring.

    Laminated Timber is a hard surfaced man made product that is produced for the entry level of pricing of the timber ranges. The Boards are of an MDF or HDF construction with a plastic or laminated surface on top. Hence the name Laminate Timber.

    From the very simple 7mm ranges with 10 yr wear warranty through to the 12mm ranges with 25 – 30 yr wear warranty quality finishes. Some with the plain flat finish of oiled timber and others with a highly glossed and bevelled finish and even options with textural contrasts of surface and colour to look ultra modern or even rustic in design. There is a laminate for every ones needs and budget alike.

  2. Engineered Timber combines a real timber finish with the low cost of an engineered construction base. When building this type of product a veneer of real timber is used to finish the layers of simpler, softer timber sub layers to create the look of real timber without the cost of real timber. Recently the use of a ply base has also been used as it offers greater stability to the resulting engineered construction.

    Thickness, Colour (species) and Width of the veneer determine the value of the engineered board being selected but most ranges available still offer a 20-25 year wear warranty as standard. Selections available are limited to the number of timber species available but often the variety comes from the width and length of the finished product.

  3. Bamboo Timber is not actually a timber as such but a Grass! However once processed and rebuilt as a strand woven finish the Bamboo takes on very similar qualities as the timber ranges above. The newest member of our timber collection is also the most Eco friendly product due to its extremely fast regrowth time frame. Taking an average of just 7 years to go from planted cutting to processed flooring. Bamboo is the hardest finished timber look flooring on the market today. The three main suppliers we support will offer you the best range of colours at very reasonable prices and with a finish you will love. Wear warranties vary between 20 -25 years but when it comes to quality vs value for money Strand Woven Bamboo is at the top of its class.

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From Premium Floors, Embleton’s and Proline Floors alike we have the ranges to suit every ones needs and the price points to match your specific selections. Our working relationship with these three suppliers allows us the confidence to know that once your selection has been made the end results will be exactly what you wanted.