Can I work out how much Carpet I need?

Considering the flooring area in square metres is the easiest way to work out the quantities you need. A length x width calculation will give you each room as an individual amount and combined will equal an approximate total ie Bedroom 1 4mx4m= 16sqm, Bedroom 2 3.5mx3.5m= 12.25sqm and passage 5mx1.2m= 6sqm. Total area required is 34.25sqm.

If this figure is then increased by 8% the total area required will equate to a much more accurate area given the wastage required to lay carpet in its broadloom form ie 34.25sqm plus 8% = 37sqm.

Basically the above two bedrooms and passage require 37sqm of carpet based on the measurements you’ve taken. The carpet required for these areas so far as an installer is concerned is 10 Broadloom and this equates to 36.6sqm (36.6/3.66 = 10). So with the above process you can accurately estimate the amount of Carpet you need and compare your quotes with a greater level of confidence. If all this sounds a little too confusing its easy just bring your plan or measurements into us and we can work it out for you! Or better still come into the shop and book in for a free measure and quote on site and that way we know for a fact we will have the right sizes for you!