What's the difference between porcelain & ceramic Tiles?

Because of their durability and low porosity, porcelain tiles have traditionally been used in commercial applications- think Flinders Street Station, commercial kitchens, etc. Nowadays for similar reasons, more and more people choose porcelain Tiles for their homes. Porcelain, or fully vitrified tiles, do not have a glaze over them like traditional Tiles. Rather, the colour runs right through the tile from top to bottom, allowing them to be polished, honed or produced in a natural finish, quite like natural stones such as granite and marble. Because they don’t have a protective glaze, most porcelain tiles require special maintenance, something that we can explain further in store. The latest trend in porcelain Tiles is blending the benefits of porcelain products (durability, low porosity) with benefits of ceramics (low maintenance, endless colour range, low production cost), to create a hybrid product called ‘glazed porcelain’. These products have proven to be very popular with time-conscious builders and home owners, and The Tile People have Victoria’s largest range of Australian-made glazed porcelain Tiles. Remember, whether it’s a standard ceramic or vitrified porcelain, a The Tile People person is always on hand to help you choose the right Tile for your project.